Friday, June 21, 2013

Climate change 101

Arctic Polar ice is on an irreversible path to complete meltdown in the next few years.
That being said, the entire population of bears that lives on permafrost, glacial ice is threatened with extinction.
(Bears can swim but will eventually die of exhaustion without land to rest).

Now is the time for Governments and big industry to appoint and sponsor a body that could ...
1. Work on either relocating the polar bears or creating pseudo land masses to save them.
2. Research on ideas like Lagrangian point dish, artificial cloud cover or similar deflection of polar incident sunlight so as to preserve/extend ice cap longevity.
3 Current effort need be on research. When evidence is overwhelming (if not already) for an imminent complete summer ice cap disappearance, a joint financial and kinetic macro global undertaking should be under way to put our ecosystem over our human materialistic default ways. US, Canada, China, Japan, UK among others should lead.
4. Governments should subsidize big industry trade as a reward to their contributions in this endeavour and penalize companies that move us in the opposite direction.
5. CO2, CH4 ppm in the air will continue to rise. With all our intelligence and progress, we still cannot replicate a simple tree that takes in CO2 and releases O2.
6. Other areas on this study should be toward better capture and sequestration of CO2, CH4 to lower current atmospheric ratios of heat trapping and retaining gases.