Thursday, July 31, 2014

One mans war is another mans terror - to the rest of us, its just sadness

July 2014

The worlds aflame - Israel/Palestine ... not one politician or newsman seems to show sufficient wisdom for insight that resolving this chronic conflict would involve not taking sides. Asking if one country has the right to defend itself is a futile question, will not lead to peace. When both sides meet face to face and agree to give up something reluctantly, preciously being held on to, there could be the beginning of resolution. Very difficult. It involves undressing the emotion, anger and ego before sitting colorless at the negotiation table.

Russia/Ukraine ... there is no war here, it is one large country trying to gobble up parts of a smaller one. the ill fated MH17 plane was collateral damage. US depends on Russia for its space program and EU on them for inexpensive oil for energy. Sanctions are not going to hurt them, if they raise prices on these services. Denounce all Russian as non-cool softly until Russians start hating their own leader. Long drawn process .. all criticism on Obama et al being too soft or firm is irrelevant.

Syria .. poor forgotten place of conflict since focus shifted to other world areas. ISIS, Boko Haram, al Shabab, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Janjaweed, Lashkar Taiba .... these are the true villians .. as much a threat as Ebola, AIDS, tsunamis, climate change. We need a global sustained effort to exterminate the threats they bring.