Friday, July 15, 2016

Manmade concept reaching obsolescence

Its a year since I last wrote, here we are again with ISIS and their wannabe self proclaimed recruits causing death, mal-influence across the world. Religion is still the among the deadliest killer of humanity, after land ...

Spirituality was mostly intangible, hard to describe, much less follow. So man invented religion as stepping stones to godliness and with the intent to preach a doctrine to a life of nobility.

But like Chinese whispers, as the commandments passed from the saints to the apostles to priests, clerics and their successors the gospel got distorted, morphing darker each time to suit personal agenda.

Holy books were written in ancient times that bore no semblance to life today and are probably obsolete as any other text from that time not containing history. They are still full of cause and effect stories of karma, where good and evil are quickly rewarded, punished.  This put the fear of god (not necessarily love) in humanity. We wish life were like that, and karma were really such a bitch !!

On the vague passages that are irrelevant today, we choose to interpret them with crooked conclusions full of hate, intolerance or judgement on who would, wouldn't be in favour with god.

Some religions evolved over time, some are going backward (as said last year). It's fair to say though, the maturity index of a faith is its extent of tolerance toward those that are extraneous to it.

My own conclusions - be good to others (at least start out that way), be good to the earth, the environment, the poor, the less privileged, the sick, the young, the old ... and your mother.
You'll be just fine believing in the force, thereafter.

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