Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Barney purple - govern a nation with this modern dinosaur

2018 was an uphill journey, it took all my efforts and energy just to stay afloat, no blog last year.

That said, here is a new 2019 with most world socio-political-economic compasses getting polarized,
almost a contagion spreading out across nations bringing waves of intolerance, quick decisions, hatred, fear.

Not blue, not red, taking the best parts of different nations, portions of our past to come up with proven ways to make a nation prosper

1. Healthcare - Primary healthcare free for all. Extended (Dental, vision, alternate care) healthcare privatized with government subsidies based on a figure (S*) evaluated by income, valued assets (home, vehicles, number of people in household). Prevention of monopolies by healthcare providers, insurance to prevent fraud. Copay mandatory even a small token amount. Euthanasia be made legal, state to trail off  financial support for patient care in vegetative state.  Experimental treatments on cancer, AIDS, stem cell research etc jointly funded by academia/industry/healthcare where possible to help encourage pioneering technology.

2. Education - Free primary education for all. Paid secondary education with subsidies based on S*, part reimbursable with one year military service. Mandatory for all to instill discipline, patriotism and ironically, to touch on the futility of war. Universities seeking to charge high tuition to declare balance sheets justifying costs. Universities producing patents/invention with merits receiving higher government subsidies. State to encourage with grants, more vocational, trade oriented schools for skills in this ever changing world. Licensing requirements for every trade to encourage quality, fair wages and regulation.

3. Political leaders, Senators - Written promises required when campaigning for election, written balance sheets of expenses for taxpayers money, achievements. Libel/Slander penalties applicable by a public figure for false claims or unfair criticism of/propaganda against opponents. Ineligible to run for office without military service or with prior libel/slander history. Fines for proven misappropriation or corruption (well below normal thresholds of litigation). This is very important as the spoken and written word from persons of influence shape the minds of the people. Untruths are septic and dangerous and there is no current mechanism to check them.

4. Economics/Taxation - Compulsory 25% spending on infrastructure - Constant monitoring of health indices of the country via supercomputer models - GDP, Debt, Exports, currency, commodity, inflation with " simplistic "Alarms" so as to reduce speculation of actions of any one person in charge. Taxation based on S* factor. Deductions for self-employed, GDP boosters, exporters. Billionaires get large tax deductions on S* for helping under-privileged, non-profits, philanthropies, local employment, local banking and investments to make it attractive for their business and personal wealth to stay domestic.

5. Industry placement - States with lowest GDP, per capita income, highest unemployment to be prioritized with incentives for industry expansion. Again, a real-time system monitoring mix of fossil/renewable energy (this index should drop every year), population densities (draw people away from cities for jobs in newer towns by setting up industry/power generation in sparse zones, augment weak spots in the power, communication, water, sewer grids. Limits on "concrete/steel" sprawl. Requirements for parks, green areas, trails to be mandated in real-estate laws. Powerful monetary green should champion real natural green.

6. Industry engagement - Abolish PACs where industry special interests can influence political leaders with financial contributions over a certain amount. Close tax loopholes for zero corporate tax, stop short of penalizing offshoring of tax, rather offer incentives to domestic banked companies and for innovation that makes a difference to economics. Penalties for political meddling, stock market manipulation, written accountability clauses for executives with pay scales/bonuses exceeding a certain limit. Further incentives for green practices, contributions toward climate change mitigation, so the responsible folk get lowest, even zero tax reward.

7. Employment - Equal Opportunity employers should receive nameless resumes to avoid bias or stop claiming to be so. Tax breaks for companies that hire disabled, veterans, minorities, underprivileged, poorer folk with low S* numbers, phone jobs for folks unable to travel. Minimum and maximum wage laws required with accountability for wages over $350,000 per year including "pay % of it back" clauses if unable to deliver written promises. Social Security and government coffers to be modeled into Economy health supercomputers.

8. Immigration - Merit based immigration program with cap based on economic indices from #4. Refugees are offered citizenship with probation - over a longer period of time, higher tax rate for that period as payback of investment and monitoring to reward absence of criminal or other counter-productive activity. Medical tourism, sport, artistic achievers and student programs to be implemented for national profit. Failing countries with floods of refugees to be held accountable with sanctions, UN coalition assisted regime change.

9. Law & Order - Non-bailable offences include hate crimes, religious intolerance, ponzi schemes, securities fraud. Aboriginal folks to be given subsidies toward education and training for jobs in law and order. Police force to mirror population demographic in similar ratios. Handguns and Semi Automatics out of the hands of general population (law enforcement only) and automatic assault rifles strictly military issue. No private organization such as NRA to control arms industry, should be government.

10. News, Media - Similar penalties for libel/slander that apply to politicians and persons of influence are applicable on media. These truth rules extend to social media. Freedom of speech has an after-price if misused. The 24/7 media for profit discussion model is toxic. News is 10 minutes every hour on the hour, five minutes every half hour. Political affiliations to news media are prohibited.

Too extreme? Well ... for most times, I agree we do not need to go so far, maybe just some of these in some varying degree. For 2018, 2019 here and now - prolly not.  

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