Sunday, July 30, 2023

Something wrong with the world today, we living on the edge. 15 suggestions to re-center us

1. Charge refugees back taxes for their path to citizenship for however long it takes to catch up with legals. No such thing as a free lunch right? Homeless problem? Put them to work, any job.

2. Why choose between democrat and republican? Why not first build an agenda combining their best ideas, then choose a candidate on meritocracy to abide by those rules?

3. Not happy supplying ammo to Ukraine for a war you have nothing to do with? Back charge Ukraine for wheat once over. Too cosy with Russia? Remember it was not Putin that helped you, it was Gorbachev.

4. China annexing your land or giving you silk road debt you can never repay? Stop importing their products, start building your infrastructure now keep reducing imports every month in their face.

5. Not happy with too much or too little "green energy"? Change is evolutionary, not revolutionary. focus your efforts developing renewables, not curbing and taxing hydrocarbons. Make your alternative worthy.

6. God intended marriage between a man & a woman only? Sure, when we were 2 million worldwide, not 7.9 billion. We are like vermin, Couldn't it be He is tweaking our orientation to curtail the mess?

7. Ban nuclear weapons? Actually they are the best "don't FXXK with me" insurance. That third world war has been changed into cyber, germ, economic, drone and other wars now, they brought peace.

8. Too many Indians and Chinese in your town? Love the US green card system, based on quota of country of birth. Canada made that mistake. We have entire towns made of one diaspora tsk tsk ...

9. Privatise everything and the free market will regulate itself? We have not learnt from monopoly to quintopolys,cartels from airlines, oil companies, banks, bottled water, cocoa ... we need regulation!

10. Worried AI will take over the world?  Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity, computers need power, you can disconnect the feed breaker or pull supply transformer fuses.

11. Proud of your religion? Gauge it by the tolerance it has toward other beliefs and their people. Man made religion because he could not define nor make tangible the concept of spirituality. 

12. The maturity of a society is determined by its population growth, not rate of but actual numbers. Before circulating media on your individual folk achievements, gauge yourself with this metric.

13. There is climate change, & man made. Whether it spells doom, we don't know. If it is our own doing to curb our numbers, be that as it may. Yes CO2 prehistoric levels but we weren't there to inhale.

14. Euthanasia, abortion evil? Maybe again when we were in small numbers. You go deer and dove hunting right? You eat eggs too! What makes your right to live or birth right higher than theirs?

15. Recycling is not futile, we made it so by tossing garbage in there repeatedly causing separation futile, expensive. Ban plastics? Sure, talk to beverage manufacturers to go back to glass bottles.


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